the revolution in neuromuscular diagnosis and therapy

ReCARE® is an artificial intelligence-based solution capable of detecting neuromuscular disorders in real time and treating them with pre-programmed therapies.
  • Certified by ANVISA and INMETRO
  • Diagnostics and EENM in a single device
  • Full body stimulation
  • Remote management of clinical cases

A transformative end-to-end experience

Hospitals and clinics

  • Optimization of hospitalization flow and bed availability
  • Reduced cost of hospitalization per patient
  • Increased productivity and delivery of results by the medical team


  • Improved mobility, functionality and quality of life upon hospital discharge
  • Recovery of strength, muscle mass and prevention of immobility-related sequelae
  • Analgesia and greater tolerance to treatments

Healthcare professionals

  • Remote management of clinical cases and cloud-based data storage
  • Intelligent diagnosis and prescription of pre-programmed protocols
  • Innovative technology as a differential in service delivery

Connect 5.0: Remote Assisted Rehabilitation System

The Connect 5.0 is a system that enables remote treatments to be conducted with the assistance of healthcare professionals, with maximum safety and efficiency.
  • Comfort for the patient, scalability of care for the healthcare professional
  • Winner of the 8th eAWARDS Brazil from NTT Data Foundation
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